Himalayan Stories – Curiosity

In less than a month we will be in Nepal 🙂 I am curious how much has changed from the world I knew before the Quake. One thing I am sure already, the kind and loving spirit of the Himalayan Folks is still unbroken! Just yesterday my friend Bharat said to me on the phone; “you know we can look at it as a chance to improve and become better in so many ways, as humans and as a nation”.

For the rest, there is a saying, that sums it up every time you start a journey, a new job or a new found love; “Everything is always just a little bit different”.

There is just one challenge in life. To remain open to that “just a little bit different“. To be open to learn, respect and embrace the gifts life puts in our path. To open up till the silent awareness of harmony sets in and the soul feels free from the shakles of time and space. 

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