Friends talk

George Dominic, Owner, CGH Earth experience Hotels

I have known you for a good part of my years in CGH, both as a client and a colleague. In fact I recall our first conversation in Berlin when you expressed your desire to work in CGH. The rest is History. 

As the Director of Sales I was all set to go with you in my team. In fact I have never looked back since. Your knowledge of my country and it’s culture amazed me. In fact you had a far better understanding of the product from the travellers perspective. You understood the Indian mind and the gap we had from a European travellers perspective and worked round it . Preserving the local experience and meeting international travel expectations without compromising both. The CGH experience series brought a refreshing change in our Sales and Marketing concept. Shifting the focus from the Hotel to the external environment. The journey became more important than the Destination. Every bit of the experience became Magical. You could bring out the message that there was a story in every grain of sand and you made the visitor experience an expedition of discovery. I could go on….

Swami, Owner Dravidian Trails, Kochi, India

It’s a great privilege that we just passed the Silver Jubilee of a great bonding which we started from the very moment when I assigned to welcome you at the Chennai airport.

Well, not sure how to start especially considering a very long association I have with you my friend. Ever friendly, Meticulous and knowledgeable Beat, I can never forget the journey together.

There are two reasons for remembering our first meeting.
The First one is that, I was really tired of repeated calls from my Senior Management Officials reminding me the importance of the guest I am waiting for at the Chennai airport but the second one was more pleasant and that is you, the warmth, admirable talk & smile at your face. We became friends the very day before we reached the hotel assigned for you.

Later is history. At a point I made my choice in my career and you stood as a torch in my way. You guided me the way you learned with your global exposure in the Travel and Tourism Industry and taught me about how I can fill the gap between European expectations and the Indian values as an exclusive South Indian Destination Management Company. The short briefings on how to approach business associates in Europe and what kind of preparation is needed. I can proudly say that you are one of the key personalities in my life who always pushed me to do things differently.

Interestingly we always connected although there have been various changes in life but destiny brought us close on the very day you joined our dear CGH family.

Of course, I reciprocate the same feeling towards your professional success becoming a brand ambassador of India or I can go ahead and say Beat become a pillar of India tourism among European counterparts. A one call solution for any one those who are looking for Incredible India.

I wish and I look forward – there is a long way to keep our shoulders straight and let’s chat about what’s new.