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The conquest of the Ganges – Gangaikonda Cholapuram

Imagine a king, so overjoyed that after the conquest of the Gangetic plains he built an entire city and called it Gangaikonda (conquest of the Ganges) Cholapauram and at its centre he built an immense Shiva temple and named it Gangaikondacholisvarar. Rajendra 1, as… Continue Reading “The conquest of the Ganges – Gangaikonda Cholapuram”

The Western Ghats of Kerala

Periyar National Park is located at the heart of the Western Ghats, a mountain range that is older than the mighty Himalayas. The mountain chain of the Western Ghats is rich with geomorphic features of immense importance and unique biophysical and ecological processes. The… Continue Reading “The Western Ghats of Kerala”

almost paradise

A valley in the mountains of Kerala “Out of a calamity history has shown that humans end up at their best”.  Before we enter into this valley in the mountains it is important that we learn a little bit about history first. After the… Continue Reading “almost paradise”

How the royal Elephant got his colour restored – Darasuram

The legend tells us, that Airavata, Lord Indra’s most beautiful white elephant with four tusks and seven trunks, was cursed by Sage Durvasa for disrespecting him by mistake. Durvasa, a sage known for his temper, presented Lord Indra a garland of heavenly fragrant flowers… Continue Reading “How the royal Elephant got his colour restored – Darasuram”

Honey Nagar, conserving the earth

It all started at breakfast in Spice Village with 6 jars. Six big jars filled with honey, one of them plain the other five infused with different berries and spices. I was intrigued and wanted to know, where all this honey came from. Hunting… Continue Reading “Honey Nagar, conserving the earth”

Nadi Shastra – an experience

“I am Vibishana and you?” Intro Nadi Shastra is said to have been written by the great Sage Agastya, who is considered as one of the most revered vedic scholars in India. His writings are part of the Mahabharata, the Ramayana and  the Rig… Continue Reading “Nadi Shastra – an experience”

The weavers of Thirbuvanam

The weaver India and Saris is a love story dating centuries back and there is no garment that dresses a woman with more elegance than this 5 meter piece of woven craftsmanship. In the village of Thirbuvanam almost every house owns a handloom. On… Continue Reading “The weavers of Thirbuvanam”

Cochin (Kochi) explored

What ever little we know from history, Kochi always seems to have been a vibrant port by the Arabian sea, gaining importance after the Dutch, Portuguese and Brits came to trade and occupy. Initially the city was frequented by Roman, Chinese and Arab traders.… Continue Reading “Cochin (Kochi) explored”

Kumbakonam – India’s most ancient cultures

If you love to retrace the footsteps of ancient cultures, myths and legends you certainly have to come to this part of India. If you are keen to explore more than just the century and measurements of temples then this is the place. If… Continue Reading “Kumbakonam – India’s most ancient cultures”