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People call it the “big temple” and the talk is of the probably grandest structure in South India, the Brihadeshwara Temple at Thanjavur. The top of the temple is adorned by a 70 ton rock and till date the speculation is on, on how…

The backwaters

The Backwaters Lounging on a deck chair, moving gently, immersed in a rippling , scented silence. Can there be better ways to explore a new world than this? Once, these houseboats were barges, transporting rice along the large and intricate network of lakes and…

Mystic Love

Love is when you give a piece of your soul you never knew you had it

Himalayan Stories – Light plays

The play of the sun rising over the horizon, painting the sky in a myriad of shades and colours remind me of you…..

about faith

Is it in faith we trust, or is it in Religion we believe in?

SwaSwara, listening within

The inner voice of the Self. That echoes on a fabled beach, shaped like the very first sound of creation, Om. A perfect setting, for communion of mind and body. Crafted in colours of the Earth, in harmony with the land that nurtures her….

an artists expression

An artists expression in the interactive dance and mimic art form of Othanthullal, where the artist plays with the emotions and also physical attributes of his audience. The artist reserves himself the right to enact and also ridicule the audience. In this case the…