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The backwaters

The Backwaters Lounging on a deck chair, moving gently, immersed in a rippling , scented silence. Can there be better ways to explore a new world than this? Once, these houseboats were barges, transporting rice along the large and intricate network of lakes and…

Sunset spirits

Mystic Love

Love is when you give a piece of your soul you never knew you had it

Marari Beach – The sunset dancer

Evening by the sea. Wonderful sunset and a fisherman preparing his net by the shore. With elegance and style the net is thrown in a swift move into the breaking waves. A sunset to behold and a little story to be told. Marari Beach…

Himalayan Stories – Light plays

The play of the sun rising over the horizon, painting the sky in a myriad of shades and colours remind me of you…..

Butterfly garden, Marari Beach, Kerala, India

At CGH we have 2 resorts where we created a little heaven for our winged friends. At Coconut Lagoon and at Marari Beach we have special gardens with all the flowers and plants ¬†Butterflies love. In both resorts more than 70 Species of winged…

Emotions from the desert, Rajasthan 1994