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almost paradise

A valley in the mountains of Kerala “Out of a calamity history has shown that humans end up at their best”.  Before we enter into this valley in the mountains it is important that we learn a little bit about history first. After the… Continue Reading “almost paradise”

If you are in Periyar

For me, Spice Village and Periyar have always had this feeling of finally arriving. I just love the nature, the walks and the clean fresh air. And there is always sound, its never still and quite, there is a constant buzz of insects, birdcalls… Continue Reading “If you are in Periyar”

Butterfly garden, Marari Beach, Kerala, India

At CGH we have 2 resorts where we created a little heaven for our winged friends. At Coconut Lagoon and at Marari Beach we have special gardens with all the flowers and plants  Butterflies love. In both resorts more than 70 Species of winged… Continue Reading “Butterfly garden, Marari Beach, Kerala, India”

VanVasa by CGH Earth

Ever thought of a place far away from the perils of modern times? Ever thought of re-cultivating your senses? To experience a place unspilt and to feel and sense the freshness of the forest, its fragrant flowers? To listen to the gentle hum of… Continue Reading “VanVasa by CGH Earth”

Bamboo Rafting on Lake Periyar, Kerala, India

This is one of the great community based initiatives involving the native tribal community. The full day excursion takes the guests first by a trek about 2 hours deep into the National Park. A very peaceful and relaxing part is done on a Bamboo… Continue Reading “Bamboo Rafting on Lake Periyar, Kerala, India”