Changing times

Boycott politics, because they are the slaves of the rich corporations

Boycott rich corporations, because they are the slaves of power and greed

Boycott main stream media, because they are the slaves of the manipulation of politics and rich corporations. 

Boycott racism, nationalism, patriotism and religion, because they enslave your mind


Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds

Have no fear for atomic energy

‘Cause none of them can stop the time

How long shall they kill our prophets

While we stand aside and look?                Bob Marley





THIS IS THE GREATEST TRUTH.”         H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The miracle of birth

We were born into a place without our consent.

We were born into a family without our choice.

We were born into a culture without our knowledge.

We were born innocent, small and pure.

So how can there be racism, patriotism, nationalism and the following of a particular religion?

Let’s imagine ourselves to be born somewhere else, in another culture, to another race!

Lets imagine ourselves to be devoid of the pre fabricated lies we were told to believe.

What keeps us from being the human we were born in the first place, devoid of religion, cast and creed? Just full of love with an open heart towards all beings and all forms of live.

What keeps us from discarding the stories of hatred, greed and selfishness we have been told?



The tiny space of now

The space between the second that was and the second to come is the only place you are truly in reality. Only if thinking stops and you perceive the world without thought you are in harmony with your SELF, your surroundings and the universe. You become an observer and part of this great cosmic play. Unless we connect to the primordial power, we will never know who we truly are.

The (broken?) dream

What if life was like a beautiful song?

We would cherish each sound, not the beginning nor the end

We would be part of each note in our heart

Living the moment in silence and joy


Yet we created a world, a system, where each one toils

For something better to come, a goal, heaven, a dream

From young we tell them that grades are important

That only then they will reach somewhere

Then we tell them again, that to serve a system

Will make them happy, fulfilled and free

That nation, religion, race are the final goal

Even a god we created that would give us heaven 

If we served and did as the rule book told

So they work and toil all for for some one else

and for dreams they’ve been told

Till they are old, weak and worn out by life

The goal they were told had never been found


Why not take life as a beautiful song? 

The bookstore

A thousand voices of inspiration telling me to go out and speak of what I have to say.

The secret of sound

To listen to music without words

Is to leave your mind behind

To leave your mind behind

Is meditation

Meditation takes you to the source

And the source of all is sound

Cochin (Kochi) explored

What ever little we know from history, Kochi always seems to have been a vibrant port by the Arabian sea, gaining importance after the Dutch, Portuguese and Brits came to trade and occupy. Initially the city was frequented by Roman, Chinese and Arab traders. They all had one thing in common. They came for the wealth of spices and precious woods and in turn left indelible marks on the history and cuisine of the city. Kochi developed into a major trading port dealing in pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and other goods. Till today Kerala is world wide famous for great quality spices.
Kochi was frequented by many great travellers, scholars and traders like Fa Hien and Vasco da Gama among others. Their tales and reports contributed significantly to the growth of the city and made Kochi the most important trading points in India.
Few urban pockets in any city would offer such an engaging mix of history, culture, culinary treats, as the historical area of Fort Kochi, located right on the busy harbour mouth with ships and fishing vessels moving in and out. There are museums, art galleries, cafes, the famed fishing nets and shopping on Princess Street. You can see some of the last remnants of Dutch Colonial style houses, with their steeply angled roofs and tall windows.

The streets in the immediate vicinity are splendid to stroll about and if you like to move a bit further then its best to take a cycle and move towards the vast godowns of the spice market and finally into Jew town with the first synagogue in India. A must see is the Dutch Palace with its amazing murals and wooden ceilings. Fort Kochi’s pride however are the massive rain trees lining the streets, each a miracle of nature.
Make sure to visit the David Hall. Once , this was the 1 7th Century home of the areas Dutch civil and military commander. Today of course, it’s a smart little Gallery- Cafe. Come browse some art, enjoy a cold coffee and a Pepperoni Pizza, or just take in the age-old ambience.