The who?

I am a nomad. Great at building bridges between cultures. A strong believer that all is one and that there is no distinction or superiority between any form of life. Wisdom and emotions are the source of evolution. Intelligence is usefull for technical things and material progress, but highly distructive and manipulative if used in defining races, nationalism and religions. As a species we still suffer from the absolut and unequalled stupidity that man is stronger than a woman.

Its still bread and games out there. From the amphi theaters of Rome we just moved to champions league, Baseball, IPL and NHL and so on. The masses have not evolved and are still manipulated by a sixpack of beer and a seat in there respective fan zone, not realizing that their mother earth is plundered and looted by greed, unprecedented till date in history.

But now more about what brought me to the Indian Subcontinent

Its now more than 30 years ago that I took the flight to Delhi and traveled on to Nepal to work there for 4 years. Apparently, I felt it was too short a time, so I decided to stay on another 12 years in India. Because of the amazing encounter with Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi I was  blessed to learn Tabla and Indian classical Music from the all time greats, like Ustad Alla Rakha, Debu Cahaudhuri, Nayan Ghosh and Pandit Sandesh Popatkar. Was lucky to receive a scholarship from ICCR, which paid my classes and a whopping 750 Rupees a month for food and shelter.

With my Jawa in 1987 in Nepal.

In 1989 I joined the travel trade.

Had the amazing privilege to see Bhutan in 1984, Myanmar in 1984, Pakistan in 1985, Tibet in 1992, Kailash in 1993. Traveled to Assam and Arunachal Pradesh before tourism had reached there. In 1992 I drove from Delhi via Nepal to Sikkim and back in a Jeep taking all the backroads there were. Over the last more than 30 years there are hardly any corners of the Subcontinent I did not visit, either on foot, Motorbike, train, bus, car and what ever means of transport that took me there.

Looking back it was an amazing journey with so much of learning and experiencing the good and sometimes the painful.

In 1984 I was in Varanasi when Indira Gandhi got killed and experienced riots and Sikh getting killed my mindless mobs. Would not write these lines if the assassin had been a white guy, that I am sure. Witnessed in Nepal the King thrown off power. Experienced the power of the people, police firing and watched helplessly my friend bleed to death hit by bullets that tore holes.

Meditated at the feet of Ganesha in Ganapatipule and saw the sun, red like fireball sink into the sea. Pilgrimed to Shirdi, Mt. Kailas, Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Lumbini and many more places to feel the power of age old faith touching my soul.

India has never let me go since and will continue to make me sad, rich, helpless, mad, good, happy, serene, touched, fulfilled and thankful to have touched its soil. The journey is sure to continue……..


  1. It feels great to see someone in so much love with a place which is not so much loved by her natives!! That’s the irony too! But this man is an example of a ‘global citizenship’. Mr German, you rock! Would love to meet you. Sometime!!


    1. Thanks a lot dear Ajay for your message. Well I am working with South Asia for the last 30 years and just love it. Of course there are things to criticise, but there are bad things everywhere.
      Sure we will meet some times. Where are you based?


  2. I am in utter envy of your South Asian adventures. I feel a deep affinity to the land and culture as well. At the risk of sounding romantic and a little idealistic, there is a magic, some unseen force, that tugs me back to the country.


  3. HI Beat – gr8 stuff, enjoyed reading and seeing the photos , keep posting , it makes interesting and informative reading. Vijay


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