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United – a beautiful abused empty phrase

Now we are one year down the road of a declared pandemic, in which so far about 3 million people died. Most of them as we know, because of weak immune systems. Statistically three times less than of pollution related disease during the same… Continue Reading “United – a beautiful abused empty phrase”

Easter in a time of whatever you might call it

Your futile effort to limit movements, laughter, breathing and sharing life will only increase your fear of dying! Your self imposition of solitude does not work, because you are afraid of being alone! You are afraid of looking at your life, scared to realise… Continue Reading “Easter in a time of whatever you might call it”

holy cow!!

I am sure many of us, have experienced the last year nothing short of being a nightmare. Many of us lost their jobs and face an uncertain future. The travel trade got hit the worst and being in nature a highly specialised and an… Continue Reading “holy cow!!”

Black friday – Not really

“Over the last few years, we have all come to realise that we are increasingly at the mercy of collective patterns. Industrial greed, a reawakening of racism and radicalism is being preached by political figure heads of late. The pollution of our biosphere, rivers… Continue Reading “Black friday – Not really”

Meditation of the poet

And he took his spirit into a quite spot of the universe Washed it with tears till the shadows of sorrow dissolved into mist Silence spread out from his heart and his spirit rose into eternity Leaving death and birth behind His spirit flew… Continue Reading “Meditation of the poet”

Changing times

Boycott politics, because they are the slaves of the rich corporations Boycott rich corporations, because they are the slaves of power and greed Boycott main stream media, because they are the slaves of the manipulation of politics and rich corporations.  Boycott racism, nationalism, patriotism… Continue Reading “Changing times”

The miracle of birth

We were born into a place without our consent. We were born into a family without our choice. We were born into a culture without our knowledge. We were born innocent, small and pure. So how can there be racism, patriotism, nationalism and the… Continue Reading “The miracle of birth”

The tiny space of now

The space between the second that was and the second to come is the only place you are truly in reality. Only if thinking stops and you perceive the world without thought you are in harmony with your SELF, your surroundings and the universe.… Continue Reading “The tiny space of now”

The (broken?) dream

What if life was like a beautiful song? We would cherish each sound, not the beginning nor the end We would be part of each note in our heart Living the moment in silence and joy   Yet we created a world, a system,… Continue Reading “The (broken?) dream”