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Himalayan morning

The sun rises gentle in the east, painting the sky and the hills with myriads of shades and colours. Let me be like this morning, gentle and calm Let me be like this sunrise, bathing everything in gentle light Let me be like this morning sun, warm and caring Let there be no judgement in…

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Evening prayer

Om. I am neither the mind, Intelligence, ego, nor ’chitta’, Neither the ears, nor the tongue, Nor the senses of smell and sight, Neither ether, nor air, I am Eternal Bliss and Awareness. I am Shiva! I am Shiva! I am neither the ’prana’, Nor the five vital breaths, Neither the seven elements of the…

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The Bodnath Stupa in Nepal

Bodnath is one of the really nice and peaceful places in the Kathmandu Valley. Especially around sunset hundreds of people flock onto the street around the Stupa to make their prayer rounds around the majestic Stupa. People from all walks of life begin a small pilgrimage to the self. Some of them alone,, some chatting…

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