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Himalayan morning

The sun rises gentle in the east, painting the sky and the hills with myriads of shades and colours. Let me be like this morning, gentle and calm Let me be like this sunrise, bathing everything in gentle light Let me be like this morning sun, warm and caring Let there be no judgement in…

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Tea shop in Goa

The magic of travelling in India is that you get to see so many ways of looking at religion, faith and culture. Gods are simply part of their daily life and there is hardly a place where they are not smiling from a small altar, from a picture, or act simply as a decoration of…

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my own shop

Untouched by events about diplomatic immunity, involving some Indian diplomat based in New York for faking visa papers and underpaying her domestic help. For this old lady, there is little choice, but to sit by the roadside in the sun, trying to sell the few items her garden yields each day. Some times it makes…

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