my own shop

my own shop

Untouched by events about diplomatic immunity, involving some Indian diplomat based in New York for faking visa papers and underpaying her domestic help. For this old lady, there is little choice, but to sit by the roadside in the sun, trying to sell the few items her garden yields each day.
Some times it makes me wonder, where we have gone so badly wrong that our priorities shifted away from being global beings!?
Some 2000 years ago, once again, a revolutionary came to this earth to correct our path and his basic teaching was and will always be love and forgiveness. Over the last 2000 years under the banner of his teachings, humanity created guns, bombs and all sorts of destructive means to protect ourselves from the heathen and other enemies and all these enemies shared the same thing. They were and still are humans. Love and forgiveness seems to stop at borders, casts, religions and communities. If Christ was a Heretic and he was, he then spoke for all of humanity! Diplomats and servants, the rich and the poor.
Will the poor old lady still be there a few lives from now, sitting in the hot sun, selling her few items to survive? Will we still place an erring diplomat higher than a servant? Waiting for the day, where we celebrate Christmas, not by a buying frenzy of ever more expensive gifts, but by love and forgiveness for all beings.

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