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The Bodnath Stupa in Nepal

Bodnath is one of the really nice and peaceful places in the Kathmandu Valley. Especially around sunset hundreds of people flock onto the street around the Stupa to make their prayer rounds around the majestic Stupa. People from all walks of life begin a… Continue Reading “The Bodnath Stupa in Nepal”

Its a hard life, Ladakh 1993

Its a hard life, Tibet, 1992

In the early 90ties, when I tok some groups to Tibet, we had a very funny episode in one of the villages we had stopped, involving the ladies from the village and one of the tourists of my group. The lady from my group… Continue Reading “Its a hard life, Tibet, 1992”

Young Tibetan Woman, Tibet, 1992

Much has changed for the inhabitants of the Tibetan Plateau. Their culture has been overrun and uprooted by the Chinese systematically since the early 60ties. For this young woman formal education and integration into the new Chinese world order of materialistic pursuits probably has… Continue Reading “Young Tibetan Woman, Tibet, 1992”

Old tibetan lady, Lhasa 1992

Serenity at Tso Morari, Ladakh, India

Crossing the river, Tibet 1992

Crossing the river in Tibet was done in 1992 be a Yak hide boat serving as a ferry. The feet got wet, but the other side was reached safely. Tibet was in those days one of the greatest adventure destinations on the planet with… Continue Reading “Crossing the river, Tibet 1992”

The holy Mount Kailash in Tibet 1992

This is what we saw, when we reached the holy Mount Kailash! After days of bad sleep, head aches and horrible roads, we finally reached one of the holiest places on this planet. The energy surrounding the place was mesmerising and and very intense.… Continue Reading “The holy Mount Kailash in Tibet 1992”

Gurla Mandhata, Tibet 1992

This picture was taken from the tibetan plateau on the way to the holy Mt. Kailash. In 1992 the journey took at least 30 days and all the equipment and food had to be carried by jeep and truck to reach the shores of… Continue Reading “Gurla Mandhata, Tibet 1992”