Its a hard life, Tibet, 1992

Its a hard life, Tibet, 1992

In the early 90ties, when I tok some groups to Tibet, we had a very funny episode in one of the villages we had stopped, involving the ladies from the village and one of the tourists of my group. The lady from my group was (forgive my words) a bit on the healthier side and brought along for convenient travel plenty of leggings and T-shirts. Her full figure, leggings and T-shirt made her look a bit like the female version of the Michelin man.

To our surprise, the ladies of the village gathered around her in wonder and amongst lots of giggles stared slapping and poking her. Especially her behind and other slightly over proportionate and independent moving parts. To them, this display of physical wealth seemed a source of delight. Quite understandably so, as they were all small, skinny and toughened by their daily hardships. In a life with hardly any sugar, saturated fat or any other source of nourishment for that matter, there is no such thing as obesity. The life of a tibetan farmer is a tough Karma, even if we bring along sometimes a bit of pleasure with our full frame xxl shapes, spoilt and sick by over eating and a perpetual life of gluttony.

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