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Its a hard life, Tibet, 1992

In the early 90ties, when I tok some groups to Tibet, we had a very funny episode in one of the villages we had stopped, involving the ladies from the village and one of the tourists of my group. The lady from my group… Continue Reading “Its a hard life, Tibet, 1992”

Old tibetan lady, Lhasa 1992

View of Potala Palace in Lhasa Tibet

This picture was taken in 1992, when traveling the first time to Lhasa in Tibet. The Palace was more or less empty. Never the less its sheer size and grandeur was still very impressive. A place one should see before kicking the bucket.

Man and Yak, Tibet 1992

When Tibet opened up in the late Eighties it was truly a great adventure to head for the highest plateau on the planet. Tibetans were still in the majority and their way of life seemed untouched. The roads were difficult to navigate and food… Continue Reading “Man and Yak, Tibet 1992”