Young Tibetan Woman, Tibet, 1992

Young Tibetan Woman, Tibet, 1992

Much has changed for the inhabitants of the Tibetan Plateau. Their culture has been overrun and uprooted by the Chinese systematically since the early 60ties. For this young woman formal education and integration into the new Chinese world order of materialistic pursuits probably has come too late. Today the Tibetans suffer the loss of their culture and traditions. Their plight is to be forgotten by the world, as the west is hampering for China’s attention in order to benefit from their increasing appetite for western goods. Then there is the greed ever growing greed for huge profit margins form out sourced manufacturing. Human rights seem to have no place in China’s growing economy and western greed for greater profits. Traveling to Tibet seems the only way to support at least a small number of local people and to get a first hand impression of a fast changing world behind the mighty Himalayan range.

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