United – a beautiful abused empty phrase

Now we are one year down the road of a declared pandemic, in which so far about 3 million people died. Most of them as we know, because of weak immune systems. Statistically three times less than of pollution related disease during the same period. It makes me wonder, if our world has its priorities straight? 

Not that I doubt the virus exists, the atrocities of its presence have been smeared all over me the last year, never to be forgotten, never to be erased. It took my job, my livelihood and washed me into the unforgiving web of justifying my inability to pay taxes. It drove me down a road of despair, I never thought I would experience in this life time. But as they say, an unoccupied mind is a devils workshop and these are my thoughts!

What staggered me the most was the uniformity on the process. Politicians, media and bureaucrats seemed to operate from the same handbook. Within three month phrases like, “Conspiracy theory” and many more were born and declared as evil. They all seemed to have just one purpose, to silence anyone having questions. 

We were swamped with endless opinions of pandemic experts, (I wonder what they were doing before), telling us how to behave and shape our lives. Within weeks we were turned into stupid morons, that had to be told everything again and again. In the media Politicians and Bureaucrats were the only occupants of TV and News Networks crying out for the world to unite to fight this evil pandemic, while at the same time crawling back behind their picket fenced borders. 

When the pandemic started in China, the Western world gloated on their eating habits, but nobody ran to help. When Italy was hit, part of a united Europe, there were no German doctors, French nurses rushed to the sadly hit northern region. On the contrary neighbouring countries closed borders and offered no assistance. So much for a politically proclaimed European Union!! 

When Big Pharma promised the global cure, again it was the race of the rich against the poor. Wealthy countries bullied ahead and took not only their share, but much more than needed. But why was there no talk all along to strengthen our immune system? After all it would have been an obvious thing to do. There were no measures to change our food habits. On the contrary because of restricted movement, people in fact weakened their system even more.

In due course of the past year, human rights were eliminated at a speed never experienced before. I guess they were only privileges anyhow. Humanity segmented itself back into countries, regions, system relevance enterprises and of course as always benefitting the rich over the poor. 

Funnily, the arms industry had its best year ever. Guess, we did not really mean it, when we called you brother!


  1. I like the way you think, awesome article!
    I am amazed how you use the English language, not sure I ever listened closely when you were speaking your native tongue. I thought I was kinda smart but I’ll take a knee this time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Beat.
    Bahut badia aur acha likha hai apne …. well complied n written.

    You should research n write about the situation in your favourite destination India.

    As you must be aware we now victims of second wave or mutant virus or third wave I have lost count n hope

    As a professional tour operator been sitting idle watching Netflix n Amazon prime n dipping on reserve funds

    Meanwhile our politician community gloates about being no 1 all over the globe in vaccination

    Tourism industry so called big shots from hotels travel trade r quite n have no solution to offer.

    One silver lining is all people like me who were employed r now unemployed n owners r happy with the savings made by nil salary expence.

    This virus is like some horror movie it has sequels . Mutant variation, n escapes detection.. very sad to live through these times


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