Easter in a time of whatever you might call it

Your futile effort to limit movements, laughter, breathing and sharing life will only increase your fear of dying! Your self imposition of solitude does not work, because you are afraid of being alone! You are afraid of looking at your life, scared to realise that the path you chose was paved with greed solely for material riches. Your illusion to control life and destiny will come to an end, when you stand in face of death. No religion and no material donation will save you. 

Before this universe came into existence

When there was no moon, no sun and sky

When there was nothing visibly here

BUT, there was everything, there was you

You, the primordial force, the giver of all

You, that created earth, seasons, elements – life

How could we forget you, in this frenzy of greed?

Murder, war, deceit and hatred we follow

And for what, do we feel liberated and free?

Do we feel to have come closer to humanity as one?

Have these times of need brought us closer together?


Easter – the symbolic act of ultimate forgiveness

Easter – the symbolism of spiritual resurrection


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