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The conquest of the Ganges – Gangaikonda Cholapuram

Imagine a king, so overjoyed that after the conquest of the Gangetic plains he built an entire city and called it Gangaikonda (conquest of the Ganges) Cholapauram and at its centre he built an immense Shiva temple and named it Gangaikondacholisvarar. Rajendra 1, as… Continue Reading “The conquest of the Ganges – Gangaikonda Cholapuram”

The Western Ghats of Kerala

Periyar National Park is located at the heart of the Western Ghats, a mountain range that is older than the mighty Himalayas. The mountain chain of the Western Ghats is rich with geomorphic features of immense importance and unique biophysical and ecological processes. The… Continue Reading “The Western Ghats of Kerala”

almost paradise

A valley in the mountains of Kerala “Out of a calamity history has shown that humans end up at their best”.  Before we enter into this valley in the mountains it is important that we learn a little bit about history first. After the… Continue Reading “almost paradise”

Cochin (Kochi) explored

What ever little we know from history, Kochi always seems to have been a vibrant port by the Arabian sea, gaining importance after the Dutch, Portuguese and Brits came to trade and occupy. Initially the city was frequented by Roman, Chinese and Arab traders.… Continue Reading “Cochin (Kochi) explored”