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Sunset musings

After a hard night’s work

Kerala, India

The backwaters

The Backwaters Lounging on a deck chair, moving gently, immersed in a rippling , scented silence. Can there be better ways to explore a new world than this? Once, these houseboats were barges, transporting rice along the large and intricate network of lakes and…

Sunset by the lake

“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.” Khalil Gibran

Sunset spirits

Marari Beach – The sunset dancer

Evening by the sea. Wonderful sunset and a fisherman preparing his net by the shore. With elegance and style the net is thrown in a swift move into the breaking waves. A sunset to behold and a little story to be told. Marari Beach…

CGH Earth – Marari Beach

This is one of the activities, while in Kerala, one simply is not allowed to miss. Since ages the fisher men go out to the sea, in teams of 8 – 20 people in a traditional vessel, where no winches, or other modern equipments…

CGH Earth – Sunset at the Coconut Lagoon

There’s only one way to get to Coconut Lagoon: over the water. From the jetty, your boat courses out over a breeze-laden watery highway. You take a sharp turn into a narrow canal, it’s banks decked with wildflowers. And greeted with a reviving coconut…

In the backwaters

Everything in Kerala’s backwaters is in some way linked to the water. Rivers substitute roads, school buses are school boats and even super markets float from village to village. That water is life becomes increasingly apparent while gliding down one of the many waterways….

Backwater Painting

the amazing backwaters of Kerala

Morning in the backwaters of Kerala. This stretch of land, or rather land, canals and lakes is one of the most amazing parts of the world, I have visited so far. Its a serene, laid back, beautiful and fragile water world the traveller encounters….

Spice Boat Cruises, Backwaters, Kerala

Spice Boat Cruises were among the first boats to cruise the endless canals of the backwaters in Kerala. They are small, built with local materials and the air condition is run by batteries. Small house boats are a must for Kerala, as they have…