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Marari Beach – The sunset dancer

Evening by the sea. Wonderful sunset and a fisherman preparing his net by the shore. With elegance and style the net is thrown in a swift move into the breaking waves. A sunset to behold and a little story to be told. Marari Beach…

In the backwaters

Everything in Kerala‚Äôs backwaters is in some way linked to the water. Rivers substitute roads, school buses are school boats and even super markets float from village to village. That water is life becomes increasingly apparent while gliding down one of the many waterways….

Chinese fishing nets in Kochi

Legend has it that the Chinese Fishing Nets were introduced in Fort Kochi by the Chinese explorer, Zheng He in the 14. century. They were brought from the court of Chinese emperor, Kublai Khan and have been in operation here since then.

Sunset at Kochi Harbour

Every evening our boat leaves from the Brunton Boatyard for a harbor and a sunset cruise. The boat will take you to the nicest sights around the lively harbor, before arriving at the Chinese nets, just in time before the sun dips into the…

Harbour Cruise, Kochi, India

There is nothing better than to take a cruise in Kochi harbour at sunset. Best is to take the boat from Brunton Boatyard (www.cghearth.com) and travel the sea from the fishing boats to the final place to see the Chinese fishing nets spreading gracefully…