The lady and the mighty mountains

The lady and the mighty mountains

This is a very old Slide from around 1986 when I was working in Nepal in a road project. In cooperation with the Swiss, the road was built with a cold tar process, not using any wood and other resources to heat the bitumen. Like this we were able to minimise the environmental impact. Besides building the road, we established numerous tree nurseries to replant the area with various trees for farm fodder and landslide protection. For me, Nepal was the first big assignment, being responsible for 150 people in an environment I loved from the first minute, but honestly had no idea about. Looking back it was a wonderful and also a crazy time. We planted trees barefoot on steep slopes, sharing beedies (a local cigarette made from tree leaves) and dal bhat (typical Nepali meal). In the rainy season leeches were a big problem and because of the humidity, once did not even feel them till they were big and fat. Pulling them off just made the blood run forever and often I looked like a butcher, rather than a forest guy. All in all very fond memories!

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