Musings about Nepal 1986

Musings about Nepal 1986

Working in Nepal for 4 years in the mid eighties was to me one of the greatest experiences life could offer. Arriving in Nepal in 1983 was to me an incredible “deja vue”, this mysterious deep inside knowledge that one “knows” the place. There was this instant feel for the country and its people. Of course as a “quire” (foreigner) the locals did not share and realize my deep inside feelings for their country and treated me as an outsider non the less, but the feeling did help a lot in learning the language and realizing the local culture. In the process I managed to overcome the feeling of the infamous Elephant in a porcelain store quite fast. Nepali people are very generous and possess a great sense of humor. It is really a country where your attitude is reflected instantly back on you. Politeness and openness is loved and respected. Neo colonial and “money rules” displays and attitudes, like quite a few recent happenings with cash rich western mountain climbers are not liked and rightly so. Nepal is and has always been a safe country for those with respect and love for people and cultures. The most amazing thing about this incredible Himalayan country is that its simplicity and its material poverty will enrich you.


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