The backwaters, Kerala, India

The backwaters, Kerala, India

The backwaters are a water system of more than 1500 kilometres in central Kerala. The canals act as rivers and are used for fishing, washing, moving. Its one of the most complex human regulated canal systems on this planet. Large areas unfortunately suffer from an increasing bad water quality.


    1. Dear Krishnan many thanks for your comment on the backwaters. It is actually a bit scary to see how over crowded the area has become, especially also with the ever increasing number of house boats, some of them with up to 10 bedrooms, which defeats the purpose of a special backwater experience.


      1. Some of the houseboats are actually not fit for duty. As tourists, it is very difficult to find a reliable tour operator. There was an incident a while back, where a houseboat capsized. Fortunately, all the people were rescued. The govt. is not doing enough to ensure safety of tourists, which is ironic considering our state is being promoted as a tourist destination.


      2. Unfortunately it is so. Many of the houseboat owners opted for boats, because it did not need an investment in land. They did not see that maintaining the boats is a constant investment. The guidelines and grading of boats by Kerala Tourism has not reached the consumer yet and even many local destination management companies opt unfortunately for higher margins, rather than quality and safety.


      3. This is true. Since the Govt. is promoting tourism in a major way in Kerala, it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of tourists. Marketing is only half the job. They must be able to deliver on their promises.


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