Spice Boat Cruises, Backwaters, Kerala

Spice Boat Cruises, Backwaters, Kerala

Spice Boat Cruises were among the first boats to cruise the endless canals of the backwaters in Kerala. They are small, built with local materials and the air condition is run by batteries. Small house boats are a must for Kerala, as they have a much smaller water dispersion and do not destabilise the mostly hand made canals. Local materials like coir carpets and covers generate local employment. Battery driven air conditions eliminate the need for big generators. As a result there is neither smell nor noise during the night.
Sadly over the last ten years all reason has been thrown over board, by building ever and ever bigger boats, completely air conditioned, including flatscreen TV’s and jacuzzis. The guest are cut off from the feel of touching the land, the people and the soul of Kerala. And the experience becomes like a movie rather than a discovery. In many areas the boats move in long convoys as the cannot leave the wide canals. Pollution and noise increase every year.

CGH Earth and Spice Boat Cruises are the right choice for any traveler. Their small boats give you the feel of an adventure and connect you with the surroundings. Waste disposal and eco measures are in place and make sure that the world you enter is the world you leave behind.

Your hosts are simple fisherfolk men who know these waters because they were born here. Alternating between navigating the waterways, preparing meals and keeping the boat shipshape, they exude a sense of calm competence. Their smiling faces speak of a culture that is famed for its fun-loving ways. You can be sure this is hospitality from the heart, since none of them have been even near a hotel management course.

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