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the amazing backwaters of Kerala

Morning in the backwaters of Kerala. This stretch of land, or rather land, canals and lakes is one of the most amazing parts of the world, I have visited so far. Its a serene, laid back, beautiful and fragile water world the traveller encounters….

Spice Boat Cruises, Backwaters, Kerala

Spice Boat Cruises were among the first boats to cruise the endless canals of the backwaters in Kerala. They are small, built with local materials and the air condition is run by batteries. Small house boats are a must for Kerala, as they have…

Sunset on a house boat, Kerala

The Backwaters Lounging on a deck chair, moving gently, immersed in a rippling , scented silence. Can there be better ways to explore a new world than this? Once, these houseboats were barges, transporting rice along the large and intricate network of lakes and…