Tat Twam Asi – That what you are

Recently I had the fortune to visit the new offering of CGH Earth called VanaVasa. Its set in a beautiful lush green valley just an hour away from Gokarna. There are 3 houses for its guest, complete with attached bath. Nothing more to ask for in comfort. The most beautiful thing about VanaVasa is that there is no electricity and no mobile connection. It sets you free! There was a great sense of liberation to me, just not to be reachable for a few days. No checking of mails, sms, and no social media! What you get in return is pure nature, small hamlets and time to meditate and turn your attention inside. It was a time to breathe, to feel and to find peace. Then there was Jacks, a wonderful man, who gave up his day to day graphic designing to learn Yoga, Pranic (energy) healing and Yoga. He turned out to be a great philosopher too and we spent hours contemplating spirituality, life and the world. To me it was nothing but a life changing experience, a return to my roots of meditation, something I had almost given up some years ago. Since then I meditate again each day and feel the changes. To me VanaVasa has become a stepping stone towards my true self, That what I am, or Tat Twam Asi.



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