CGH Earth shortlisted for National Geographic World Legacy Awards

We are happy to share with all our friends that CGH Earth has made it to the final list for world legacy awards by National Geographic in partnership with ITB Berlin. 150 entries were received from 51 countries, 6 continents. 15 finalists selected. We are one of the 3 selected in the category- Sense of Place. This is an endorsement for our core values which has resulted in the preservation of the authentic and the local.
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Autumn colours


The colours of life are changing, once more

Reflections in the water, as never seen before

Looking back at the warmth of the year gone by

Snow will be covering what the year brought by

Time to reflect and meditate on the northern winds

A blessing only the harsh, cold winter brings

Sunset musings

After a hard night’s work

Kerala, India

The backwaters


The Backwaters
Lounging on a deck chair, moving gently, immersed in a rippling , scented silence. Can there be better ways to explore a new world than this? Once, these houseboats were barges, transporting rice along the large and intricate network of lakes and canals that cover the central part of the state of Kerala.

Around the expanse of Lake Vembanad, the backwaters of Kerala are a unique and fragile-ecosystem unlike any other in the world. Enveloping the port towns of Alleppey and Quilon on one end, they stretch like a patchwork quilt clear across the state, up to Calicut in the North. Some are no wider than an arm span, navigable only by canoe. Others are dual carriageways, deep and rippling, sometimes broadening out into vast misty lakes, sometimes curling into twisting worm turns, hemmed by paddy fields and fed by a thousand fat streams from the high ranges of the Spice Mountains to the East.

Experience Tip
To really enjoy the backwaters we suggest at least a 2 night stay on the house boat. Not only can you really get the feel of the cruise, but you will also be able to visit temples, churches and villages on the way, or take a leisurely stroll into the lush and green paddy fields. The boatmen will stop on the way to show you the various trades of the area, like Coconut Farms, Coir spinning and other typical small enterprises.

As an added benefit you will also leave the one night trails of most of the boats, which makes the experience calmer and richer.

For an undiluted and unforgettable experience, please have a look at:


Sunset by the lake

“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.”

Khalil Gibran