The holy Mount Kailash in Tibet 1992

The holy Mount Kailash in Tibet 1992

This is what we saw, when we reached the holy Mount Kailash! After days of bad sleep, head aches and horrible roads, we finally reached one of the holiest places on this planet. The energy surrounding the place was mesmerising and and very intense. Pilgrims camping by the shore of Lake Manasrovar were happy and seemed filled with joy to have reached this holy place. We (a small group) felt greatly privileged and touched to be allowed to witness such calm reference and the incredible beauty of the place. An adventure that turned into a true pilgrimage to the SELF.

Gurla Mandhata, Tibet 1992

Gurla Mandhata, Tibet 1992

This picture was taken from the tibetan plateau on the way to the holy Mt. Kailash. In 1992 the journey took at least 30 days and all the equipment and food had to be carried by jeep and truck to reach the shores of Lake Manasrovar. From there it took 4 days of trekking to surround the holy mountain.

View of Potala Palace in Lhasa Tibet

View of Potala Palace in Lhasa Tibet

This picture was taken in 1992, when traveling the first time to Lhasa in Tibet. The Palace was more or less empty. Never the less its sheer size and grandeur was still very impressive. A place one should see before kicking the bucket.

Nomads in Ladakh, India 1994

Nomads in Tibet

A Man and his kids in a make shift tent close to Tso Mosrari in Ladakh. Till today many people on the Tibetan plateau live a semi nomadic life

Man and Yak, Tibet 1992

When Tibet opened up in the late Eighties it was truly a great adventure to head for the highest plateau on the planet. Tibetans were still in the majority and their way of life seemed untouched. The roads were difficult to navigate and food was simple and the lodges often really dirty and smelly. Many times I opted to sleep on the flat roof in my sleeping bag, rather than the supposedly with clean sheets provided bed. Often we had to clear the road from rocks and fill potholes and progress was slow. All this little hardships were compensated by the great landscape, millions of stars and a stunning view of the mighty himalayans towering in the back. Tibet was one of the last frontiers and I am very grateful to have seen that part of the world before the lodges and roads were built. Man and Yak