Bamboo Rafting on Lake Periyar, Kerala, India

Bamboo Rafting on Lakke Periyar, Kerala, India

This is one of the great community based initiatives involving the native tribal community. The full day excursion takes the guests first by a trek about 2 hours deep into the National Park. A very peaceful and relaxing part is done on a Bamboo raft to reach into the remote reaches of the Periyar lake. This particular excursion gives a very close acquaintance with the fauna and flora of the Periyar forest. Incidentally the Periyar National Park is the only park in India, where visitors are allowed to trek, making this one of the great experiences of the wild.

Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep, India

Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep, India

About 250 miles off the Malabar Coast of India lie the Lakshadweep Islands, a chain of coral reefs and atolls that mark one of the few unspoiled places left on our planet. A few islands are occupied by natives, virtually untouched by modern civilization.
In the midst of this magical chain lies Bangaram Island. A turquoise hued world of clear, warm seas, silver sands and a stretching canopy of palms. Sparkling coral reefs glitter through the pellucid waters, home to myriad life forms. Whether diving, swimming or just soaking in the sun, Bangaram can create for you the illusion of being the last person on the planet.

Samode Palace, Rajasthan India

Samode Palace, Rajasthan India

A splendid example of regal Indo-Saracenic architecture, the Palace combines the best of Indian and Mughal styles. The 475-year-old palace is a celebration of the senses, underlined at all times by contemporary luxury and the signature service of Samode hotels – a magical hospitality and rare courtesy.
Guests are known to want to lose themselves in the maze of bougainvillea covered courtyards, connected by quaint narrow staircases and chance upon lounges adorned by charming arches, stunning mirror work, exquisitely painted walls and ceilings. Royal suites and rooms surround the courtyards, each with their unique personality and décor.

The backwaters, Kerala, India

The backwaters, Kerala, India

The backwaters are a water system of more than 1500 kilometres in central Kerala. The canals act as rivers and are used for fishing, washing, moving. Its one of the most complex human regulated canal systems on this planet. Large areas unfortunately suffer from an increasing bad water quality.

old lady Nepal

old lady Nepal